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Reliability engineering is often thought of as an exercise undertaken when a product is far enough along to be ready for manufacturing.  Conversely, it’s always helpful to ask early on:  Is the promise of your technology linked to high reliability in its mature product form? ...

A medical device should work like a clock: simple on the surface while built on a complex collection of interdependent moving parts, from sensors to software, all working together in harmony. Getting from an initial idea to a finished product isn't straightforward. Complex challenges inevitably...

Supporting the careers of young engineers is important to us at Key Tech. After all, they’re one of the reasons working here is so much fun. And we’re especially passionate about aiding efforts to boost the number of women in our profession. That’s why we were...

For Key Tech, the action at AACC is on the expo floor just as much as the conference sessions. The business of diagnostics relies on orchestration of new assay science and instrument platforms, and we’re the instrument platform team. ...

For the second year in a row, Baltimore Magazine has selected Key Tech as one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work! ...

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of moderating the Q&A session for a Women in Bio event in DC. This installment featured Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director of FDA’s CDRH, which is responsible for reviewing and approving medical devices for use and...

Brian and Keith and Scott and I founded Key Tech fourteen years ago to do great work with smart and fun people.  Over the years we’ve grown to more than a couple dozen of the smart and fun sort, and we’re very proud of the...

See why we love Baltimore!   Key Tech is happy to take part in this six minute video by the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, which highlights some of the reasons why our community is  a fun place to live and work.  ...

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