Project Management

Good management is the backbone of a successful development project, and Key Tech managers are up to the task. We balance multiple stakeholder needs, manage risk per ISO 14971 and keep to schedule and budget. We focus on your greatest challenges from the start, such as 60601 compliance that mitigate the risk of costly failures later in development. Key Tech, our clients and external partners all collaborate to form a cohesive design team. One of our seasoned technical project managers will be your primary contact, hosting weekly meetings to present progress in the context of the overall budget and schedule. All of our project managers are also technical contributors, improving efficiencies in communicating design activities amongst the team and managing the overall development path. Concise weekly communication is pivotal to supporting the best decisions as the project evolves. The ability to contribute to the technical aspects of a project and also lead with solid management skills makes Key Tech project managers a vital asset to your development program.

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