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Our Human Factors Engineering / Usability Engineering process complies with IEC 62366 and is focused on identifying critical user and application needs up front through activities such as user interviews, contextual inquiry, cognitive walkthroughs and use-error analyses. This understanding is translated into specific design requirements to inform the design and development process. As the design evolves, it is methodically evaluated with prospective users in recurring formative usability evaluations to ensure the design is on track to meet user needs and mitigate use errors.


User-centric design is essential to successful product development, making complex new technologies easy to use. Industrial designers are central team members of every development team at Key Tech, promoting the optimal user experience. We design ergonomic form factors and user interfaces with empathy for the user to ensure the product is both accessible and enjoyable. Design concepts are rapidly communicated via sketching, rendering, and model making in order to solve the core use-related challenges. Ultimately, successful products are both pleasing and safe to use through intuitive interfaces that resonate with the user.


From designing clever mechanisms to integrating complex systems, to testing and analysis, Key Tech mechanical engineers elegantly bring your product vision to life. Our strong foundation in science is one of our greatest strengths — we attack designs from the ground up, understanding the fundamentals and employing them to the product’s advantage. We leverage system-level expertise when designing custom parts and evaluating OEM components for unique product applications. Quick and efficient models of mechanical, thermal, fluidic and optical systems are analyzed to isolate and optimize critical design variables using tools like Mathcad, SolidWorks and ANSYS. Prototypes are built and tested to evaluate critical design functionality and reliability. We keep designs manufacturable and BOM costs in check, and we ensure a smooth transfer to production by collaborating with manufacturing partners throughout development.


Key Tech’s electrical team combines intelligent power management design and signal conditioning circuitry with a diverse range of sensors and embedded processors to take your design to the next level of sophistication and reliability. We design for high speed digital and sensitive analog measurements, precision optics, RF, and ROHS compliance. We have experience creating dense and complex multi-layer boards, flexible boards and rigid-flex boards. Our extensive experience with low power circuit design, battery selection, miniaturized electronics, and systems architecture will set your design apart. We also handle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 900 MHz, cellular telemetry, 2.4GHz, wireless packet and network design, and extreme low power transmitters. Whether it’s a hand-held device or larger capital equipment, we understand how to harness the power your product needs.


Leverage our extensive software design experience across multiple processor and computing platforms to meet the demands of your customer. Our comprehensive process starts with planning and defining the modular architecture, then executing the code, followed by unit and system-level V&V. We write custom embedded firmware as well as software applications for PC-based and mobile platforms. Key Tech develops firmware and software for high-speed data acquisition, signal/image processing, serial/parallel communication, wireless applications, GUI processing and interface, and media storage. Every phase of our life cycle process conforms closely to the ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62304 standard. Our experience with low power and portable devices, microfluidic delivery and control systems, real-time measurement instruments, and intelligent control systems will ensure the success of your next product.


Key Tech is ISO 13485 certified and follows FDA compliant work processes. Our design and development activities and related outputs comply with the latest medical device standards, such as ISO 14971 (Risk Management), IEC 62304 (Software Lifecycle Processes), and IEC 62366 (Usability Engineering). We have leveraged our more than twenty years experience in the medical device industry to build templates, work instructions, and processes that ensure work is done in an efficient, high quality manner. We can adapt to work within client quality processes or follow our own suite of procedures, depending on the nature of the engagement. Our quality team and project managers can assess existing design history files (DHFs) for compliance with the latest standards and regulations or help you develop a new DHF from the ground up.

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