“Medical Device Innovation in Maryland” Event at the Fischell Institute, UMD

This week I had the privilege of speaking at the “Medical Device Innovation in Maryland” conference at the University of Maryland’s Fischell Institute. I spoke about the role of a catalyst like Key Tech, a company that in 19 years has completed more than 300 medical device design projects for global clients and med tech startups, the vast majority outside Maryland. Our region is replete with new technologies, and it’s well known that not enough gets commercialized here as compared to similar regions. There are many reasons why this is so. One question posed yesterday was related to understanding technology readiness: “How do you know your technology is ready to be commercialized as a medical device?” Key Tech has answered this question so many times that we’ve developed a checklist to guide this decision. The factors include technology maturity, sensitivity, and scalability and here is a link to the full checklist.

Jenny Regan

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