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CoolTech Medical – Science Applied to Cooling

Each year, several million people worldwide, including over one million Americans, will have a heart attack or stroke, resulting in severe brain injury. Mild cooling of the patient (also referred to as therapeutic hypothermia) is the standard of care for these events. Time-to-cooling is critical to limit brain damage; the relative hazard of death increases 29% for every hour delay to first cooling.

The CoolStat is a completely new way to manage patient temperature. Unlike other cooling systems, the CoolStat does not use cumbersome cooling pads or large refrigeration carts. The CoolStat is the ultimate in simplicity. Using a technique developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the CoolStat is a portable device that uses only dry air, delivered to the patient at flow rates about 10x higher than normal respiration, to achieve cooling. Key Tech designed both the device and disposable components. A custom heatsink and fan assembly was created to control the temperature of the delivered air. The simple, intuitive user interface and device workflow were designed based on user research which was also conducted by Key Tech.

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