The Tech Before Christmas

Twas a bit before Christmas and in Federal Hill
Research was done on the Android app thrills

On to the internet we went with reckless abandon
From Google we jumped and here’s where we land on

The Android SDK site, on with wonderful glee
Development kits all so wonderfully free

To make cell phone apps, which you see everywhere
At least this is easy; you won’t lose much hair

So simple to use, with Eclipse at the source
The plug-ins installed, the project on course

Past experience with Java, so handy right now
Google’s code so very similar… and how

We said “Hello, world!” howdy-do, “oh hai”
Refrained from meme cat jokes that have gone awry

And now with this knowledge you wish to go play
But we have one last thing before you run away

Droids come in all sizes, all shapes, and all kinds
So be wary when coding, lest you will lose your minds

So be off, have fun, and use new knowledge well
Make apps for some gifts, they’ll think you are swell.

…Yeah, ok, that last couplet was silly
But, Happy Holidays all, keep from being chilly!

Chris Fleck
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