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As an Industrial Designer at Key Tech since 2012, I know first-hand how critical a multidisciplinary team is for the success of a product development program.  To create truly beautiful and efficient use-experiences, an Industrial Designer within a team needs to function as a user...

Working in medical technology product development, we understand the need to work towards making things better. The universal goal of our team, our clients, and the end users of our products is improvement. Whether it’s relieving pain, making treatment adherence easier to remember, or to...

To say the world moves faster every day seems like the ultimate cliché.  Haven’t generations upon generations made this same observation?  We stand in the present, looking back upon times when the technology felt slower, progress more relatable, and looking forward, we feel an acceleration,...

After many years of product development and the numbers and accolades to prove it - we’ve put together a concise list of a few best practices for developing a solid product requirements set.  A product requirements set is the backbone of a successful product development...

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