Key Tech Founder, Inventor and Impassioned Designer, Keith Lipford, retires, and sets sail for new adventures.

Key Tech Founder, Inventor and Impassioned Designer, Keith Lipford, retires, and sets sail for new adventures.

Key Tech announces the retirement of Keith Lipford, VP of Operations, after 20 years as a founding partner. For those who know him, anyone who has had the benefit of working with him as a client, or working alongside him at Key Tech, Keith’s passion for problem-solving has been an obvious driving force.

“Keith has devoted his talent and heart toward advancing Key Tech ever since he co-founded the company with us in 1998.  We are especially grateful for Keith’s building the infrastructure in which Key Tech thrives, from managing the development of our McHenry Theater space, labs and workshops, to establishing and leading the company’s well regarded ISO Quality Program.  And Keith accomplished all of this while continually inventing healthcare solutions that have improved the lives of countless thousands of people over his two-decade career at Key Tech.” ~ CEO and Co-Founder Jenny Regan

Keith is retiring with over 40 patents under his belt. Yes, you read that right. Over 40! Examples include a high yield spray application and an ultrasonic determination of red blood cell indices device.

Of particular note is Keith’s work on the ALLY Uterine Positioning System™, which is a surgical tool stabilizer platform he developed along with urogynecologist Dr. Walter von Pechmann. Keith was instrumental in developing the system requirements early in the program, through to the pre-production sale of the device to Cooper Surgical in 2013. The table-mounted electromechanical system to position and hold surgical tools was developed to meet a need in the OR, alleviating staff fatigue during difficult procedures, and freeing up surgical assistants to perform other more critical activities.

And now, Keith is ready to set sail into the sunset. Literally.

Keith will be taking his boat, a 44 foot Beneteau 42 Swift Trawler, which for years has served as a team-building vessel for staff and client outings, on a 6,000 mile voyage known as “The Great Loop.”  The Great Loop circumnavigates the eastern half of the United States, travels north along the Eastern Seaboard, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, and across the Gulf and the south side of Florida before making the way back to the Chesapeake. Keith, his wife, and their dog launch aboard the Seas Life from Baltimore this May.

{ 150: Average number of official Loopers each year }

Keith’s co-founders and partners offered some of their thoughts:

“I feel incredibly lucky to have Keith as a business partner and friend.  He is in the DNA of Key Tech and has taught all of us how to be better people.” ~ VP Product Development and Co-founder, Scott Corey

“I have been blessed to work hand-in-hand with my big-hearted brother over these past 20 years.  His two passions have always been helping others and solving problems.  I will miss him greatly, but we’re excited for him and his next adventure.”  ~ VP Strategic Development and Co-founder, Brian Lipford

We wish Keith well on his next journey, although we know he will stay connected to the Key Tech family.  His sendoff retirement party at the Baltimore Museum of Industry brought together Key Techers past and present, along with fellow Federal Hill friends and family. The event was a true celebration of Keith’s impact at Key Tech, which included a fair amount of toasting and roasting, and a Charm City Cake replica of Seas Life, complete with a miniature Keith and some marzipan kegs of his homebrews.

Key Tech has named several leaders to oversee Keith’s responsibilities.  Senior Electrical Engineer Jake Cowperthwaite and Mechanical Engineer Mike Damiani have taken over the Quality Program, and Manager of Tech Brett Wiley is managing the Key Tech facilities.

“Our growing design team will always benefit from the legacy that Keith has left us,” said Jenny Regan. “He built a strong foundation. And even stronger relationships.” To reach Keith during his Great Loop travels, send word through Key Tech and we’ll pass it along! or 410-385-0200.

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