6 Tips to Accelerate MedTech Time To Clinical Data

Key Tech saved CoolTech, a startup MedTech company greater than $1 million in development costs and six months in getting to clinical data.

In our newest case study, we outline our expertise in driving speed to clinical data and reducing development costs and time substantially.

Here’s how we did it

Accelerating your time to get to clinical data is important especially for novel devices such as a therapeutic product. The performance of the therapy itself is the greatest risk!

Key Tech’s methodology focuses on collecting human data safely and deferring selected commercialization features and activities until after the study.

Read our Case Study

We share six of the many tips and techniques in the CoolStat case study that we use to assist clients in developing new medical devices that need clinical data to prove performance.  Contact me at andy@keytechinc.com to learn about additional methods we implemented.

See the Speed to Clinical Data slides posted here:

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