Five Reasons to attend AACC and visit Key Tech’s Booth

  1. Meet Jenny Regan, Andy Rogers, and Sam Gullotti at AACC, Booth 2382 on August 6-8, 2019 to discuss how Key Tech can help your clinical diagnostics company automate your assay by developing complex consumables and instruments. Key Tech transforms challenging sample prep, sample handling and detection technologies into intuitive products. We’ve worked with leaders in diagnostics, and we want to work with you.
  2. Key Tech’s scientific advances and impact within Precision Medicine We approach diagnostics with proven expertise in system development, knowledge of the fundamentals of quality engineering and design, and the ability to identify risks. We know when to bring in specialists, combining our skill sets with theirs to meet very specific challenges. We leverage our partnerships with vetted specialty vendors to solve some of the greatest challenges in de novo applications that need explicit solutions.
  3. Developing Instruments that use Functional Ultrasound Key Tech has a deep understanding of ultrasonic applications that require a broad range of disciplines: acoustic, mechanical and materials, electrical and software design. Read about how we helped the Hemosonics Quantra system team develop their functional ultrasound measurement platform that informs treatment decisions for post-surgical bleeding in real time.
  4. Learn Best Practices for Managing Bubbles in Microfluidics Got lab-on-a-chip technology? Then you know that miniaturizing any fluidic system presents its own unique collection of bubble challenges.  Read about how Key Tech’s engineering team can develop a specification for your lab-on-a-chip to address “debubbling” cavities within microfluidic chambers.
  5. Judging “Market Window” in Medical Device Product Development Key Tech is an expert in technology and product development.  Key Tech works on market window considerations early in the development process to solve core technology challenges and help ensure commercial success for the products we design and develop. Our market window de-risking methods will ensure the right product is designed and developed – leading to our customer’s success.


Alexis McKenzie

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