15 Years!

Alexis, our marketing coordinator, recently stopped by my office and asked me for two things: a blog celebrating  Key Tech’s 15th anniversary, and my personal interpretation of Key Tech’s brand.  Since I’m just a lowly engineer, I had to ask about that last part…our brand?  She told me that this concept is often misunderstood.  Most think a brand is like Coke, Apple or IBM that has a name or a symbol, or even a sound that is recognized by the outside world.  But that’s not what a brand means.  It’s  the outcome of a good brand, not the brand itself.  A brand is very much internal to a company; with little to do with outside forces or perceptions.  It’s what makes you get up every morning to go to work, what gives you passion to do what you do.  It’s  something steeped consistently through the company.  Ultimately, over time, this same brand is how others outside of the company might come to know you better, perhaps even on a more personal level.

I’ve often thought about Key Tech and what we do, but not exactly like that.  And so I did a little introspective searching to reflect on what is our brand.  I didn’t have to think long.  Not because it’s not important; it just wasn’t that hard.  There’s a certain DNA in all us at Key Tech.  We are passionate about three things:  learning, creating and helping others, both inside and outside the company.  We all love to learn, whether it’s about a new product, process or some new technology.  We regularly host events and weekly meetings just for learning.  It makes us feel good, and reaffirms our continued growth and self-worth.  Folks at Key Tech don’t just live with the ‘new and different’ – we embrace it.  It is a challenge, and we love challenges.  Another passion is creating; it’s what we do at Key Tech.  It was our founding premise, a consensus to focus on creation, to design and develop new devices and systems – to form ideas in our heads and transform them into a physical reality.  There is no better high than the power of creation, being a part of something bigger than oneself.  It inspires and excites the senses.  Lastly, there is helping.  Of all the things engineers could do, this is why we choose to develop complex electromechanical devices and systems.  It fits us.  What better way to help people than to create devices that improve their daily lives.  And our helping is not just limited to inside the company.  Regularly, we volunteer with the local Habitat for Humanity, visit local middle schools, and mentor FIRST robotic teams (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

So Alexis…the two items you requested:  a blog for our anniversary and my interpretation of our brand.  Here’s to Key Tech and 15 years of learning, creating and helping!  I’m looking forward to the next 15 and beyond.

Brian Lipford

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