Spring Fling, WOO-HOO!

25 Apr Spring Fling, WOO-HOO!

Every quarter the Key Tech crew takes a break from work to enjoy a bit of what Baltimore has to offer and enjoy each others company outside of the office.  Last Thursday we toured Orioles Park at Camden Yards, and were awed by what went into it.

Sometimes we can forget all of the astounding feats of engineering, and design that are everywhere around us in our world today.  Camden Yards is quite the accomplishment housing close to 46 thousand seats.  This year we even have high hopes that the O’s will be crushing the likes of the Red Sox and making good use of the seats with more orange in the stands (GO O’s!).

During the construction in the early 90’s over 2,000 people manually scrubbed over 5 million bricks in the revitalization of the B&O Warehouse, once the longest brick building on the East Coast.  Now the warehouse is home to the Maryland Stadium Authority and used as offices, gift shops.  The upper floors can even be rented out for high school proms and weddings.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the park is their beer distribution.  Stored in a central cooled location dozens of lines of cool fermented grandeur are dispersed throughout the park to each concession stand.  Although still $5 a pop, the behind the scenes workings of the extensive beer tap network now provides a bit more utility to those 16oz of golden fluid perfection.

After the tour we all enjoyed food and drinks at the famous Ropewalk Tavern in Fed Hill.  It’s always important every now and then to step back and enjoy the company of those we work with.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to work in such a hardworking, fun environment at Key.  Although our products are small in comparison to the large feats in our engineered world today, we continually strive to create devices that are user friendly, innovative, and elegant while helping to improve peoples lives.

Picture taken by Josh Mull


Frank Regan

Frank Regan

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