Notice to Staff: You Rock! – The Mgmt

Notice to Staff: You Rock! – The Mgmt

As a service company, our staff is our most important asset. Without them, we’d just have a bunch of lonely computers sitting around hoping to one day become self-aware. As such, we work hard to find great people, and we’ve found some of the greatest.

Our staff of cross-disciplinary engineers, an industrial designer, admin support, and interns all work together to create remarkable solutions every day. We usually have 5-10 projects going on simultaneously, so it’s tough to stay current on everything that’s going on outside of my own projects. Just recently, I was getting the 10-second tour of a prototype when I started asking about a robotic end-effector densely packed with numerous individual pneumatic actuators and complex linkages.

“Oh, that? Yeah, we had to make almost all of those parts ourselves – just the pneumatic cylinders and screws are stock. Assembled, the density of the tips is probably twice anything we could find off the shelf.”

Seth Godin writes about having one or two Linchpins that can make a company. These are the indispensible go-to people that are creative, willing to be unconventional, and passionate about their work. They make their work personal and are not satisfied until it’s done right. I don’t know anyone at Key Tech that doesn’t act this way.
Most of our work is highly confidential, so remarkable work rarely gets remarked upon outside of these walls. But, internally, annual reviews often include feedback from peers and project managers that looks like this:

“I’ve worked with him on the ************* project and it has been awesome. He has been handling the many headaches of designing, re-designing, and re-re-designing the critical [custom hardware] for the various systems. Additionally, it has been a pleasure working with him the whole way. He is always in good spirits, does his work in a very timely fashion, and still finds time to host things like ASME meetings. Very impressive. No criticisms what-so-ever.”

So, thanks. You rock! It’s pretty cool to work with all of you.

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