New Beginnings

29 Dec New Beginnings

Congratulations to Elisa on her new baby. We wish her and her family the best.

We’re also happy to welcome Frank “No Relation” Regan and Alexis McKenzie to Key Tech. Frank is a recent graduate of RPI in Albany, NY, so the 21″ of snow around Baltimore is nothing to him. Alexis followed the yellow-brick road from a DC law firm to Key Tech – she’s not in Kansas anymore.

Happy New Year.

Jenny Regan

Jenny Regan

Jenny is a co-founder of Key Tech. Over her career, she has consulted to clients in the medical, industrial, and energy industries. Her work has contributed to the advancement of precision diagnostic instruments, fluid flow measurement, and control systems. Jenny holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Catholic University and a BS in Physics from Georgetown University. She is also a registered professional engineer and is currently a member of the UMD Clark School Board of Visitors.
Jenny Regan

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