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Scott Corey

Do you want an iHeart Pump?

05.23.2012 by Scott Corey

It seems that people will buy any of Apple’s “i” products. While some of this is driven by fashion, most of the craze for Apple’s products is the result of a string of exceptionally well designed products. The user delighting design of these products was not by accident. Rather, they stem from Steve Jobs’s passionate [...]

Chad Schneider

Does Key Tech have experience in medical device development?

03.08.2011 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech predominately develops medical devices. About 80% of our work is electro-mechanical medical device development. The majority of the remaining 20% continues to be electro-mechanical hand-held and laboratory instruments, just not in the medical industry.

Jenny Regan

BIO Partnering – An instrument company meets pharma folks

06.15.2010 by Jenny Regan

We attended the BIO 2010 conference to learn more about the confluence of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the growing field of personalized medicine. Based on the crowds at the conference and the encouraging stance of the FDA, there is a movement to bring us instrument geeks into the pharmaceutical business.

Chad Schneider

Disruptive Innovation

10.12.2009 by Chad Schneider

Designing medical devices can be an expensive undertaking. It can cost thousands of dollars for a traditional setup to make microfluidic chips or a centrifuge to isolate the components of a multi-constituent sample. Luckily, the creative minds that are focused on solving complex, technical problems don’t stop working when there’s a tight budget.

Andy Rogers

What's Next for Electronic Medical Devices?

04.13.2009 by Andy Rogers

Further advances in microfluidics technology development will educe the most profound breakthroughs in medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices — and ultimately improve patient care.