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Abbie Shoemaker

Diagnosing anemia with a little elbow grease

06.08.2010 by Abbie Shoemaker

On the radio I heard about a device that several students at Rice created to help diagnose anemia in the developing world. The device acts as a centrifuge to separate the blood into red blood cells and plasma in just 10 minutes and without the use of electricity.

Chad Schneider

Key Tech Goes Off the Grid

04.01.2010 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech is happy to announce that after two years of development, we are operating a prototype perpetual motion power-plant to supply all of the electrical power required to operate the building. The system operates quietly in the basement and gives off zero emissions.

Conrad Laskowski

A Discussion on Micro-Design & Manufacturing Costs

10.19.2009 by Conrad Laskowski

A good designer must often think like a manufacturer. The question, “Can this be made?” is asked over and over again during the design process. Shortly thereafter, the question also becomes, “Can this be made cheaply?”

Chad Schneider

Disruptive Innovation

10.12.2009 by Chad Schneider

Designing medical devices can be an expensive undertaking. It can cost thousands of dollars for a traditional setup to make microfluidic chips or a centrifuge to isolate the components of a multi-constituent sample. Luckily, the creative minds that are focused on solving complex, technical problems don’t stop working when there’s a tight budget.

Chad Schneider

Designing for a Lower Carbon Footprint

09.08.2009 by Chad Schneider

Mechanical Engineering Magazine has a good article for designers about significantly lowering the overall energy impact of our products, based on the vision of Saul Griffith, a mechanical engineer and serial inventor. The good news is that we don’t have to start creating medical devices from bamboo.

Josh Mull

Happy Earth Day from Key Tech

04.22.2009 by Josh Mull

When environmental compliance is a design goal early in the development process, these and many other opportunities exist to create innovative products with green footprints. On this Earth Day, consider how your next product could be made more environmentally sound with some green design principles.

Chad Schneider

More Ways to Conserve Capital in NPD

03.30.2009 by Chad Schneider

The economy has many businesses against the ropes, and the rest are tightening their belts in the face of uncertainty. However, you don’t need to completely halt your new product development (NPD) efforts. Here are five ways to spend less while keeping your pipeline moving.