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Chet Larrow

TED Talks: Designing for the Real World

09.12.2012 by Chet Larrow

TED Talks over the last couple of years has published many inspiring and informational pieces and has become a staple for those working in creative industries. The relevance of the one floating around the KeyTech office this past week was no exception.

Scott Corey

Do you want an iHeart Pump?

05.23.2012 by Scott Corey

It seems that people will buy any of Apple’s “i” products. While some of this is driven by fashion, most of the craze for Apple’s products is the result of a string of exceptionally well designed products. The user delighting design of these products was not by accident. Rather, they stem from Steve Jobs’s passionate [...]

Lei Zong

Reflection on the AACC 2011 Expo Floor

08.15.2011 by Lei Zong

The AACC annual meeting hosts the largest clinical laboratory expo, and this year’s expo was probably the largest ever with an estimated 20,000 participants, close to 700 exhibiting companies, 2,000+ booths, and over half a million square feet of exhibit space!

Erik Askin

IDSA goes to RISD

05.18.2011 by Erik Askin

Every year, Industrial Designers come together for one weekend to attend the regional IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) conference. This year, the North East chapter was held at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island, and Jeremy Savage and I made the trip.

Chad Schneider

How much does your time cost?

04.13.2011 by Chad Schneider

There’s a fine line everyone must draw between what you’ll do yourself and what it’s worthwhile to pay someone else to do. It’s true in business just as it is at home. And, it’s not just about efficiency, it’s about quality.

Chad Schneider

Does Key Tech have experience in medical device development?

03.08.2011 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech predominately develops medical devices. About 80% of our work is electro-mechanical medical device development. The majority of the remaining 20% continues to be electro-mechanical hand-held and laboratory instruments, just not in the medical industry.

Chad Schneider

A little perspective

02.09.2011 by Chad Schneider

As certain as I am of death and taxes, I am certain that no matter what I believe to be true, somewhere, someone believes the opposite.

Andy Rogers

Key Tech presents at the Johns Hopkins Medical Device Startup Tool Box Day

12.15.2010 by Andy Rogers

Want to start-up a medical device company? Key Tech attended the Johns Hopkins University’s “Medical Device Start Up Tool Box Day” to explain why having an experienced design engineering partner in your “tool box” is key to your success.

Chad Schneider

Designing Parts for Injection Molding

12.14.2010 by Chad Schneider

As designers, we can improve our injection molded parts to make them perform better and require less expensive tools. Check out this design guide we came across to get you started.

Lei Zong

A Checklist Can Do What?

11.30.2010 by Lei Zong

I recently watched an interesting talk given by Atul Gawande, whose book The Checklist Manifesto has reached the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list this year, talking about some interesting benefits of using a checklist and how such a seemingly insignificant and low tech idea can do wonders in many disparate fields.