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Hematocrit POC Full-Scope Development

Measuring red blood cells in a hand held device allows blood banks to reject fewer donors, thus increasing the blood supply. The UltraCrit is the first ultrasound point-of-care blood meter. Key Tech developed this CLIA-waived device from concept to market – starting with developing the ultrasound time-of-flight algorithms to detect blood hematocrit. The ultrasound measurement provided the science to achieve greater accuracy.

The sample collection cartridge wicks blood from a finger prick, and understanding the microfluidics of this blood flow resulted in development of a novel shape memory alloy wire pump that generates the vacuum needed to pull the blood into an interrogation region. Key Tech ran pre-clinical trials, verification and validation, and submitted the device for FDA 510k and CLIA waiver. The UltraCrit is now owned and distributed by EKF Diagnostics. Download a detailed Product Development Case Study.

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