Drug Delivery
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Mobile Med Prototype

The market need that BD had identified was clear: the ability to rapidly administer and track vaccinations or drugs delivered to many patients at a time in a mobile setting.   BD recognized that a Lean Startup approach to rapidly develop a functional prototype would allow them to immediately test the injector concept viability.  Enter Key Tech.

We were given three months to develop a one-handed electromechanical injector for use in marketing demonstrations. The injector loads a pre-filled syringe, identifies the vaccine automatically, injects, and discards upon completion.

What are some key principles for developing a functional prototype in a short period of time?

  1. Find “Unicorn” Users. To save time, find a small sample of users who can provide user inputs from many perspectives: clinician, patient, business, etc.
  2. Be a Maker. Start prototyping immediately and be scrappy: use AA batteries, buy parts from Amazon, and test often.
  3. Prove Core Functionality. Focus on features critical to performance and form to “de-risk” the concept. Extraneous features can wait for later.
  4. Evaluate Form. For marketing demos, form is just as important as function. Get your early concepts in users’ hands to inform the design.
  5. Integrate.  Leverage off-the-shelf electronics such as Pololu and rapid prototyped enclosures in your final prototype.

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