GE MRI Scanner for Newborns

A recent BBC article showcases a prototype GE MRI scanner specifically designed for neonatal infants. The MRI is in trials at Royal Hallamshire Hospital in the UK. The video in the article features an infant sling & cart designed and prototyped by Key Tech for use in transporting the baby from an incubator to the MRI scanner. The sling is pre-loaded in the incubator, which a clinician uses to pick up the baby and place them in a cradle loaded on a transport cart. The cart is then rolled from the incubator to the MRI room.

Below are screenshots from the BBC video showing the cart in use.  For more information on the Key Tech design, see our portfolio page.

Neonate infant being transported from incubator to MRI. The sling, cradle and cart were all designed by Key Tech  in collaboration with GE Maternal Infant Care in Laurel, MD.

The cart docks to the miniature MRI machine. An interlock prevents the cradle from extending forward until the docking process is complete.

The system was designed to be compliant with the applicable IEC 60601-1 cart standards including tipping, shock and threshold impact requirements.


The clinician simply slides the cradle from the cart into the MRI device.







































For more information about this product and the Key Tech process, check out our portfolio page here.

*The neonatal MR device does not have regulatory authorization for clinical use, and remains for research use only.

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