What is Your Experience in Developing Electromechanical Devices?

23 Mar What is Your Experience in Developing Electromechanical Devices?

Nearly every device we develop is electromechanical.  Key Tech specializes in designing custom complex products and electromechanical devices.  Some examples of our work:

  • Automated dose activation system for innovative biologic with time-sensitive stability
  • Automated multiple syringe drug delivery system for the OR
  • Microwave heat delivery for targeted cancer treatment biologic
  • Suite of 21 physical therapy tools:  wireless conversion and data collection management
  • Respiratory flow sensor for monitoring mild spectrum sleep apneas
  • Blood hematocrit meter and disposable cuvettes design
  • Blood multi-analyte meter
  • Molecular diagnostics instruments for personalized medicine, cancer diagnosis, pathogen detection, and drug resistance testing
  • Development of calibration device for handheld medical imaging diagnostic
  • Handheld optical water quality meter

More information, pictures, and detailed product development case studies are available in our online Portfolio.

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