A Day at Key Tech

One of the most common questions we get is “What is it like to work at Key Tech?”  With different clients, different projects, and different departments – it’s difficult to describe a “normal day” at the office.  This snapshot of a few people for one day gives an example of what day to day work at Key Tech is like.

8:00 – Alex (ME) and Dave (CE) arrive at the office and work at their computers while the office is quiet.  Brett (Tech) starts 3D printing materials and laser cutting parts in the shop.

9:00 – Office comes to life.  Danica (ME) arrives and starts working in Solidworks on a mechanical design.  Andre (ID) arrives and starts working on concept sketches.

10:00 – Rachael (EE) arrives and plans out a device architecture brainstorming.

11:00 – Andre and Alex meet to plan usability testing for an alpha prototype device.

12:00 – Some employees prep lunch in the office kitchen, while others grab takeout.  Employees gather in the lounge for a community lunch.  Others elect to eat on the roof deck and enjoy the weather.

1:00 – Alex leads project team meeting with interdisciplinary team. The group discusses the performance of early prototypes in the field and plans design revisions.

2:00 – Rachael receives a new iteration of her custom PCB from the fabricator. She powers it up and begins performance testing.

3:00 – Dave assembles a device and gathers supporting equipment to mimic a field installation. He simulates user workflows and monitors software performance.

4:00 – Brett builds up a new prototype using the components 3D printed and laser cut earlier in the day.

5:00 –Rachael and Danica go hands on with the prototype Brett built. Alex and Dave finish up for the day and head home.

6:00– Danica goes back to 3D modelling to make adjustments to the prototype.  Rachael plans new tests that can now be run.  Both prepare to start the design cycle again tomorrow.

7:00 – Only a few employees remain, enjoying the quiet while working at their desks. Rachael wraps up and meets co-workers for a beach volleyball game.

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