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Andre Minoli

3D Printed Revolution

09.19.2013 by Andre Minoli

It’s the year 2013, we survived the Mayan apocalypse, and if you’re keeping count, we’re supposed to have hover-boards and flying-cars in 2 years – at least according to Back to the Future Part II. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think that one is going to happen soon. But I have better news; we’re developing something far more exciting and unimaginably limitless — a replicator straight out of Star Trek! I’m talking about 3D printers: devices and services which allow you to design and build your own products, craft experiences catered specifically to meet your design needs, and make your ideas directly from your home without ever having to stock parts. The third industrial revolution is here and it’s something to get really excited about.

Chet Larrow

TED Talks: Designing for the Real World

09.12.2012 by Chet Larrow

TED Talks over the last couple of years has published many inspiring and informational pieces and has become a staple for those working in creative industries. The relevance of the one floating around the KeyTech office this past week was no exception.

Alex Flamm

IDSA Annual Report

08.22.2012 by Alex Flamm

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) just held their annual international conference in Boston, MA. Jeremy Savage and I attended the 4-day event and had the pleasure of listening to some great presentations, ranging from the informative to the inspirational.

Scott Corey

Do you want an iHeart Pump?

05.23.2012 by Scott Corey

It seems that people will buy any of Apple’s “i” products. While some of this is driven by fashion, most of the craze for Apple’s products is the result of a string of exceptionally well designed products. The user delighting design of these products was not by accident. Rather, they stem from Steve Jobs’s passionate [...]

Conrad Laskowski

The Need for Approval

05.04.2011 by Conrad Laskowski

What do cosmetics, bio-pharmaceuticals, and medical devices all have in common? The Onion News reports that a shining new age of industry leaders are standing up, drying their eyes, not eating their vegetables, and adopting a staunch “FDA who?” mentality…

Chad Schneider

A little perspective

02.09.2011 by Chad Schneider

As certain as I am of death and taxes, I am certain that no matter what I believe to be true, somewhere, someone believes the opposite.

Jenny Regan

BIO Partnering – An instrument company meets pharma folks

06.15.2010 by Jenny Regan

We attended the BIO 2010 conference to learn more about the confluence of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the growing field of personalized medicine. Based on the crowds at the conference and the encouraging stance of the FDA, there is a movement to bring us instrument geeks into the pharmaceutical business.

Chad Schneider

Starting Your Product Specification

12.15.2009 by Chad Schneider

Creating a detailed Product Specification is one of the most important steps one can take at the beginning of new product development. If the spec defines the entire sphere of possibilities, what needs to be included (and excluded) here?

Chad Schneider

What Does This Sign Mean?

12.01.2009 by Chad Schneider

Here we have a sign that is confusing to at least one group of users. the water taxi sign-makers get kudos for going out of their way to create a pictorial sign in an attempt to bypass any language barriers for international tourists. Unfortunately, the graphic in the middle is very busy and confusing.

Jenny Regan

Multi-Tasking Hurts Your Brain

11.09.2009 by Jenny Regan

New research shows that multi-tasking reduces your productivity and impairs your cognitive ability, permanently.