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Taylor Technologies

Handheld Colorimeter

Full Scope Development

With Key Tech’s help, a trusted specialty chemical manufacturer now offers water analysts a colorimeter which provides highly accurate, repeatable results that previously were subject to the analyst’s own ability to match colors. Taylor Technologies’ TTi™ Colorimeter Series marries innovative reagent systems with clever optics and software to determine 30+ pre-programmed water quality parameters commonly encountered in commercial and industrial settings.

The M-2000 model tests water quality in pools and spas; the M-3000 tests boilers and cooling-water systems. Both models accommodate an additional 8 operator-developed proprietary tests. Developed for rugged environments based on ethnographic research, they survive full submersion (IP67), have optimized battery life, and are optically tuned to automatically compensate for thermal and material property variations. “Key Tech enabled us to expand our R&D capabilities so that we could undertake an intensive colorimeter development effort, yet continue our customary business without sacrifice” says Steven Bacon, Taylor VP of R&D.

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