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Technology Assessment

You’ve demonstrated it works in the lab, but will your technology work in the real world, where environmental variables are harder to control? Leverage Key Tech’s creative inquiry and proven ability to solve the toughest challenges in the technology assessment process to determine if your technology has the legs to make it to market. 

Technology Assessment engagements consist of characterizing the technology and studying the governing variables of interest that affect how it works. Prior technologies assessed include digital microfluidic sample prep techniques, silicon microfabricated diagnostic sensors, and functional ultrasound systems – to name a few.   

Start by downloading our whitepaper, Proving Technology Works in Products: The 8-Point Assessment Checklist, to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment process. 

The general assessment process is focused on de-risking, resulting in a better understanding of your technology and how it will be embodied in a finished product:

De-Risking diagram 

Reach out to learn more about how we can begin to assess nascent technologies with tremendous promise when integrated into a product. ​

See examples of Technology Assessment work: ​

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