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Rapid Innovation

Key Tech offers rapid Innovation engagements to quickly identify, prototype and test the solution space for existing product upgrades or next generation products. Sometimes, when there are no clear solutions the technology company wonders; “Can it even be done?” We are experts in proving new technology works in products and have been asked this question many times before in internal meetings. ​

Rapid Innovation engagements consist of deploying parallel user and technical work streams to explore solutions that address user and technical challenges. We typically break the problem down by user steps, and brainstorm technical and user solutions for each step first, then begin to stitch together potential architectures, using the solutions for each step. ​

Below is an example of the Rapid Innovation process followed with BD Pharmaceutical Systems on their Mobile Med Injector platform that lead to a functional prototype for use in VoC testing:

BD Mobile Med Diagram ​

Rapid Innovation Engagements are a fun and efficient option to provide insights into potential product paths, without the need for investing in a large development program. ​

Reach out to learn more about how we can jump into solving those problems with no clear solution. ​

See more detail or other examples of Rapid Innovation Engagements here: ​

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