Fluidics & Assay Integration Expertise:

Sample Collection, Introduction and Prep

Experience with blood, urine and saliva sample types  & collection methods – custom cuvettes, oral swabs, capillary tubes, and lateral flow sample manipulation. Metering of reagent and sample fluids to precise volumes, various lysing methods, mixing methods (see below), and storage and rehydrating of lyophilized or dried down reagents.


Pressure-driven flow control through microfluidic channels, peristaltic pumping with custom disposable tubing design, electro-mechanical fluid manipulation, machine vision fluidic control, and custom pump designs.


Microfluidic interfaces for controlling diffusion and dispersion of fluid regions, sample and reagent mixing via blister packs, mixing in custom pipette tips, using magnetic beads, air, electric potential, ultrasound, paddles, etc.

Thermal Management

Thermal and CFD modeling of static and dynamic fluidic systems to inform design direction. Tight thermal management for PCR applications using Peltier chips, custom heating and temperature measurement elements, on-chip and off-chip .

Assay Integration

Experience accommodating stringent reagent storage, fluidic introduction and mixing requirements as well as novel PCR approaches to optimize assay performance.

Detection Technologies

Optical detection – reflectance, fluorescence, bio-luminescence, as well as semiconductor-based detection, ultrasound interrogation, and electrical potential measurement.  Sensor system electronics, firmware and consumables development to accommodate a variety of detection methods.  Experience with custom LED-based optical engines.

Algorithm Development

Fluidic control and detection algorithm development including for example:  machine vision for flow control, ultrasound time of flight detection, control of custom pumps and valves, and fluorimeter detection.

Complex Durable to Consumable Interface Design

Managing and designing for densely populated durable to consumable interfaces: pneumatic, fluidic, mechanical, and electrical.

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