These are some of the most common questions related to working at Key Tech, applying for a job at Key Tech, or about the company in general.

What is a typical day like at Key Tech?

The day of a Key Techer can vary quite a bit, but this page should help give you some idea.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Key Tech designs high tech, electromechanical products. Many of these are medical in nature, but we’ve worked on all types of products. Take a look at our portfolio for a sample of past projects.

How many projects does Key Tech work on at once?

At any given time, Key Tech typically is working on approximately 6 to 12 projects. Most engineers are only involved in 1 or 2 of these at once.

How big is Key Tech?

Key Tech has about 60 employees. Check out our staff page to learn more about us.

Are you hiring?

Key Tech is always looking for talented mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers, as well as industrial designers. If you’re interested, you can apply here.

Do you hire interns?

Absolutely. We hire interns thoughout the year including summer, fall and spring positions. However, due to the technical nature of these positions, the completion of junior-year coursework is a prerequisite.

What have recent interns said about their internships at Key Tech?

Read what our interns thought out their internships at Key Tech in 2018 and 2019

“Key Tech treats you like one of their own by giving you real responsibilities on client projects and by making you feel welcome and appreciated every day.”

“If working with fun and extraordinarily brilliant people to the boundaries of innovation and creativity is your passion, then this is the place for you.”

“Key Tech gave me great exposure to the full design process, from concept generation to refinement to prototyping and finally presenting to clients. And the whole time the people, environment, and team-based atmosphere at Key Tech made work fun and exciting, without being too stressful.”

“I really enjoyed the passion that all Key Techers bring to work every day. The level of interest and investment everyone has in their projects has a positive impact on both quality of work and overall work environment that definitely shows.”

“Key Tech’s ability to incorporate interns into the team and give them meaningful, diverse work creates an excellent experience that I really enjoyed and that most workplaces cannot offer.”

Where are you located?

Key Tech is in the heart of the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. Our office is a restored vaudeville theater. Take a look at our video for a quadcopter fly-through.

Do you guys make keys?


I applied online. Now what?

Once you’ve applied online, you don’t need to do anything else. You should receive a confirmation via email. We will review your application and contact candidates directly to set up interviews. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, Key Tech cannot respond to everyone who applies.

I handed a paper copy of my resume to some guy wearing a Key Tech shirt. I’m all set, right?

No. We handle all of our application review through the website. Even if you gave somebody a hard copy of your resume, you must apply online to be considered for a position at Key Tech.

Do you hire engineers other than mechanical, electrical and computer?

Engineering at Key Tech is structured around these three disciplines, and we hire specifically for these roles. If you have a different background but feel that you possess the skills for one of these positions, you should feel free to apply. Just be sure that you detail your relevant experience in a cover letter.

How do I stand out?

We’re looking for smart, motivated, and curious people with a passion for creative designing. If you have experience or interests that you want us to know about, make sure you include that in your cover letter.

I would be interested in going to grad school part time while working. Does Key Tech help with that?

Key Tech does have an educational reimbursement program, and there are many local programs that offer continuing education to working professionals.

Housing in Baltimore

Most new hires live in the city of Baltimore also know as “Charm City”. The Key Tech theater is a few blocks from the inner harbor in a neighborhood full of 20 somethings with lively restaurants and bars. Our recruiting coordinator will work with you in the weeks before you start to find an apartment or room rental close to the best food and drink that the city can provide! Some of the neighborhoods we call home are Federal Hill, Canton, Fells Point and Mount Vernon.

What exactly does it mean that Key Tech is 100% Employee Owned?

In July of 2019 Key Tech announced that it had been acquired by its employees! To learn more about that news check out this blog post which reviews details of the transaction!

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