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Thoughtful battery planning is crucial to the success of a medical device that both meets the device’s technical requirements and, particularly important for a wearable device, delights the user. Choosing the appropriate battery and implementing proper power management are two of the primary challenges when...

As medical devices trend toward the small, portable, and battery powered, it’s not surprising that users aren’t happy when they attempt to take a critical injection or run a health status test , only to find that the battery is dead. Like a smart phone,...

In a simple world, medical consumables are made of plastic and plastic only. Electronic components would remain separate in the durable device. In the real world, though, that's rarely the case. You might want to install fluid pumping mechanisms in a plastic tubing set, or design...

It’s best to ask the toughest questions early in the process of developing diagnostic systems when assay and detection technologies are developed in parallel with use case definition. But which questions should you be asking? Below are just a few examples. These questions help identify product features...

Flexible circuits are all around us - in cell phones, cameras, and laptops – and also in us – in pacemakers, cochlear implants, and defibrillators. Over the years, as devices have become smaller and wearable and implantable medical devices have become more prevalent, the flex...

2012 marked the third year of Betascape, the annual weekend gathering of artists and technologists (some may say nerds) from the Baltimore area to explore the intersection of their disciplines. ...

On the radio I heard about a device that several students at Rice created to help diagnose anemia in the developing world. The device acts as a centrifuge to separate the blood into red blood cells and plasma in just 10 minutes and without the...

Selecting the right LCD for your product is not a trivial task. The display is often the most important part of the user interface and has a significant influence on the overall appearance and feel of the device....

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