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Jenny Regan

Survey Results: Scouting for New Technologies and Business Partners

11.17.2009 by Jenny Regan

Over the past year or two, Key Tech has taken advantage of improvements in the usability and functionality of online tools to share information quickly and easily. Over the same period, we’ve observed dwindling attendance at industry conferences. So, where is everyone?

Jenny Regan

Product Development: Way More Than Technology

10.27.2009 by Jenny Regan

The success of a new product, no matter how complex or innovative the technology involved, is directly tied to a lot of factors that have much less to do with science and much more to do with everything else.

Chad Schneider

The Detailed Product Specification

06.15.2009 by Chad Schneider

Ok, it’s time to get a little technical (very little). We’ve talked to a lot of companies with award-winning products, great ideas, and good sense, but when we try to nail down some of the details, they get a little flustered. Although the constant questions can be a bit annoying, working out the details can be very valuable. That’s why our first step is to flesh out the Product Specification.

Chad Schneider

Differentiating Yourself

05.25.2009 by Chad Schneider

There will always be companies professing to offer competitive products or services that are “just as good” as yours. You know they’re not, but can your prospective customers tell the difference between you and your competition? Maybe they’re cheaper or have better looking product images, but yours is the solution they should choose. Can you make that distinction to win the project outright?

Andy Rogers

What's Next for Electronic Medical Devices?

04.13.2009 by Andy Rogers

Further advances in microfluidics technology development will educe the most profound breakthroughs in medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices — and ultimately improve patient care.

Ben Lane

How to Avoid Common Obstacles in NPD

04.06.2009 by Ben Lane

There are many ways to lose focus developing a new product, especially with so many people involved and so much at stake. By taking a disciplined approach, one can avoid many of the common pitfalls that cost money and cause delays.

Chad Schneider

More Ways to Conserve Capital in NPD

03.30.2009 by Chad Schneider

The economy has many businesses against the ropes, and the rest are tightening their belts in the face of uncertainty. However, you don’t need to completely halt your new product development (NPD) efforts. Here are five ways to spend less while keeping your pipeline moving.

Ben Lane

Reducing Risk in New Product Development

02.27.2009 by Ben Lane

Early stage gates in the pipeline should examine risk – technical risk, market risk, manufacturing risk, regulatory risk, supply chain risk, etc. A well managed pipeline has procedures in place to identify areas of risk and prioritize the risk for further assessment and evaluation. The process of assessing and addressing risk is an excellent, cost effective means of advancing the product pipeline in lean times.