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Chet Larrow

TED Talks: Designing for the Real World

09.12.2012 by Chet Larrow

TED Talks over the last couple of years has published many inspiring and informational pieces and has become a staple for those working in creative industries. The relevance of the one floating around the KeyTech office this past week was no exception.

Alex Flamm

IDSA Annual Report

08.22.2012 by Alex Flamm

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) just held their annual international conference in Boston, MA. Jeremy Savage and I attended the 4-day event and had the pleasure of listening to some great presentations, ranging from the informative to the inspirational.

Scott Corey

Do you want an iHeart Pump?

05.23.2012 by Scott Corey

It seems that people will buy any of Apple’s “i” products. While some of this is driven by fashion, most of the craze for Apple’s products is the result of a string of exceptionally well designed products. The user delighting design of these products was not by accident. Rather, they stem from Steve Jobs’s passionate [...]

Chad Schneider

Pop-up fabrication from the Harvard Microrobotics Lab

01.27.2012 by Chad Schneider

Harvard’s Microrobotics Lab is publishing some amazing work regarding a MEMS fabrication technique for creating 3-dimensional millimeter-scale robots from 2-dimensional multi-layer components.

Alexis McKenzie

Jenny Regan Featured as Guest Speaker at UMD Fischell Festival

10.31.2011 by Alexis McKenzie

Recently Jenny was the featured speaker at the University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering’s Fischell Festival, as part of their Whiting Turner Lecture Series.

Erik Askin

IDSA goes to RISD

05.18.2011 by Erik Askin

Every year, Industrial Designers come together for one weekend to attend the regional IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) conference. This year, the North East chapter was held at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island, and Jeremy Savage and I made the trip.

Lei Zong

Key Tech and University of Maryland Alumni Event

11.02.2010 by Lei Zong

Key Tech recently hosted an alumni and friends networking event for the University of Maryland at our office in Federal Hill. Speakers included Key Tech CEO Jenny Regan, the Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering Dr. Darryll Pines, and the Provost and Interim President of the university Dr. Nariman Favardin.

Chad Schneider

HSA’s and medical devices

09.07.2010 by Chad Schneider

Has the Health Savings Account affected consumer’s spending habits? Is that affecting the design specification for consumer medical devices?

Chad Schneider

Notice to Staff: You rock! – The Mgmt

08.03.2010 by Chad Schneider

As a service company, our staff is our most important asset. Without them, we’d just have a bunch of lonely computers sitting around hoping to one day become self-aware. As such, we work hard to find great people, and we’ve found some of the greatest.

Chad Schneider

Frank is WAY out of the office

07.26.2010 by Chad Schneider

Along with other members of The Giving Circle, Frank is now in Uganda to help bring needed resources to an orphanage. Among other things, he’ll be designing and building a small windmill. Of course, that gives us two weeks to setup a few practical jokes for him.