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Andy Rogers

Habitat for Humanity

11.19.2012 by Andy Rogers

Most of us at Key Tech thoroughly enjoy renovating things…it’s just in our blood as designers and engineers to take something old and outdated and transform it into something new and useful. Whether it’s refurbishing an old bike, or renovating a run-down vaudeville theater into our office, Key Techer’s are innately passionate about applying their talents and resources to improve something. Thus, it’s no surprise that a handful of Key Tech volunteers spent a day recently in the South Baltimore neighborhood of Brooklyn volunteering for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake.

Abbie Shoemaker

Betascape 2012

10.03.2012 by Abbie Shoemaker

2012 marked the third year of Betascape, the annual weekend gathering of artists and technologists (some may say nerds) from the Baltimore area to explore the intersection of their disciplines.

Ben Lane

Engineering the Crab Feast

08.01.2012 by Ben Lane

Early in July, Key Tech hosted our annual crab feast on a farm north of Baltimore. This event started more than a decade ago when the company had less than 10 employees, and now hosts nearly 100 employees (current, past, and future), family, friends, clients, and vendors.

Dave Hershey

Engineering Beer

07.18.2012 by Dave Hershey

For the scientific mind, brewing is a fascinating activity – chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering are equally important to crafting the perfect pint.

Josh Mull

Pinhole Camera to Venus

06.29.2012 by Josh Mull

On June 5, Venus passed between the Earth the sun causing a rare celestial event. This event caught some of us at Key Tech by surprise, and at the same time we felt the need to see this event that will not happen again until 2125. As such, we spent part of our afternoon trying to devise ways to stare at the sun without hurting our eyes, and the best option we found was to build ourselves a pinhole camera.

Brian Murphy

Why Being an Engineer Makes you a Better Cook

06.20.2012 by Brian Murphy

I find pleasure in understanding the world around me and how it works. And thus, I’m an engineer.

Brian Lipford

With a Little Luck…

05.02.2012 by Brian Lipford

We were in the right place at the right time…and we knew it. About 9 years ago, we were looking to move our company.  We were small, but had outgrown our old space.  We were literally hours away from signing a new lease deal in a nondescript building, replete with florescent lights and elevators, when [...]

Frank Regan

Spring Fling, WOO-HOO!

04.25.2012 by Frank Regan

Every quarter the Key Tech Crew takes a break from work to enjoy a bit of what Baltimore has to offer and enjoy each others company outside of the office.

Jessica Fisher

“Why Engineering?” We Ask “Why Not?”

03.28.2012 by Jessica Fisher

Recently I was asked to prepare a 10 min talk about why I became an engineer, what I like about it, and what I do here at Key Tech.

Jenny Regan

Key Tech a Best Place to Work

02.01.2012 by Jenny Regan

Brian and Keith and Scott and I founded Key Tech fourteen years ago to do great work with smart and fun people.  Over the years we’ve grown to more than a couple dozen of the smart and fun sort, and we’re very proud of the team we’ve been able to build.  It’s icing on the [...]