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Andy Rogers

Key Tech Supplier to 2014 MDEA Finalist

04.09.2014 by Andy Rogers

DENTSPLY Caulk’s Digit Power Dispenser is a 2014 MDEA Finalist, recognized for enabling dentists to precisely and quickly place impression material. Key Tech designed the product and performed usability engineering. This is the second MDEA nomination for products designed by Key Tech, having previously been recognized for the outstanding design of the UltraCrit, a point of care blood hematocrit diagnostic device.

Melanie Springer

How to Nurture Today’s Young Engineer

03.10.2014 by Melanie Springer

I graduated from the University of Maryland less than a year ago with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Having had five prior internships, I had been exposed to a variety of work environments in the industry, each with their own take on introductory training programs and corporate structure. After the struggles I faced with each, I naively thought I had figured out what I was looking for in a full-time position. But after eight months at Key Tech, it turns out it can be even better than that.

Michael Damiani

Solution Through Evolution

11.20.2013 by Michael Damiani

Faced with a tough engineering design challenge? A similar problem may have already been solved. And not by someone who owns IP on the idea. I’m talking about Mother Nature.

Chet Larrow

Neon Lights and Bullet Trains: Contextual Inquiry in Japan

10.17.2013 by Chet Larrow

Understanding user needs is essential for any product development cycle, and when a product is aimed toward a foreign market and end user, it’s that much more significant. That’s why Key Tech recently took part in several in-field studies across the country of Japan. The purpose of the study was to observe the users’ workflows in their natural setting, while asking pertinent questions in order to understand the users’ thought processes and product requirements.

Andre Minoli

3D Printed Revolution

09.19.2013 by Andre Minoli

It’s the year 2013, we survived the Mayan apocalypse, and if you’re keeping count, we’re supposed to have hover-boards and flying-cars in 2 years – at least according to Back to the Future Part II. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think that one is going to happen soon. But I have better news; we’re developing something far more exciting and unimaginably limitless — a replicator straight out of Star Trek! I’m talking about 3D printers: devices and services which allow you to design and build your own products, craft experiences catered specifically to meet your design needs, and make your ideas directly from your home without ever having to stock parts. The third industrial revolution is here and it’s something to get really excited about.

Eric Schneider

Low Volume Manufacturing in the Medical Industry

08.29.2013 by Eric Schneider

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to speak at the Defense Materials, Manufacturing and Infrastructure (DMMI) Committee’s workshop on Low Volume Manufacturing at the National Academies in Washington DC.

Jenny Regan

Key Tech at AACC in Houston July 30-Aug 1, 2013

07.18.2013 by Jenny Regan

For Key Tech, the action at AACC is on the expo floor just as much as the conference sessions. The business of diagnostics relies on orchestration of new assay science and instrument platforms, and we’re the instrument platform team.

Abbie Shoemaker

Flexible PCB Design Considerations

05.22.2013 by Abbie Shoemaker

Flexible circuits are all around us – in cell phones, cameras, and laptops – and also in us – in pacemakers, cochlear implants, and defibrillators. Over the years, as devices have become smaller and wearable and implantable medical devices have become more prevalent, the flex circuit industry has boomed. Key Tech has also been involved in this trend. We’ve designed a number of flex and rigid-flex PCBs for various applications, and along the way we’ve picked up a few tips.

Jessica Fisher

“KTIM”: Key Tech Inspiring Minds

04.10.2013 by Jessica Fisher

Key Tech was busy in March giving back to the local community through meeting with middle and high school students. Opportunities like these are available everywhere and are helpful for students and engineers alike. For the students, it opens their minds to how they can change the world as engineers; for engineers, it reminds us all of the great opportunity we have to transform the world around us and share that enthusiasm with young people.

Mariano Mumpower

Please Excuse the Growl

03.20.2013 by Mariano Mumpower

Over the past year I’ve gotten hooked on two-wheeled commuting. Not the human powered kind, the small two-stroke engine powered kind, a moped. My newly acquired love for this mode of transport actually took me a bit by surprise as I had never been a motorcycle or powersports type of guy before. I only picked up a used moped off of a craigslist ad out of frustration with my daily commute downtown in a giant gas guzzling Astro van.