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Jessica Fisher

“KTIM”: Key Tech Inspiring Minds

04.10.2013 by Jessica Fisher

Key Tech was busy in March giving back to the local community through meeting with middle and high school students. Opportunities like these are available everywhere and are helpful for students and engineers alike. For the students, it opens their minds to how they can change the world as engineers; for engineers, it reminds us all of the great opportunity we have to transform the world around us and share that enthusiasm with young people.

Jessica Fisher

“Why Engineering?” We Ask “Why Not?”

03.28.2012 by Jessica Fisher

Recently I was asked to prepare a 10 min talk about why I became an engineer, what I like about it, and what I do here at Key Tech.

Jessica Fisher

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon battery!

11.10.2010 by Jessica Fisher

Inside most kitchens, a lemon leads a normal life, being integrated into a delicious dish or drink. But many science students have found in their classroom experiments that a lemon is no mere fruit.