Monthly Archives: May 2012

Scott Corey

Do you want an iHeart Pump?

05.23.2012 by Scott Corey

It seems that people will buy any of Apple’s “i” products. While some of this is driven by fashion, most of the craze for Apple’s products is the result of a string of exceptionally well designed products. The user delighting design of these products was not by accident. Rather, they stem from Steve Jobs’s passionate [...]

Jenny Regan

Innovation at the FDA – Cultural Changes

05.17.2012 by Jenny Regan

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of moderating the Q&A session for a Women in Bio event in DC. This installment featured Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director of FDA’s CDRH, which is responsible for reviewing and approving medical devices for use and sale in the US.

Brian Lipford

With a Little Luck…

05.02.2012 by Brian Lipford

We were in the right place at the right time…and we knew it. About 9 years ago, we were looking to move our company.  We were small, but had outgrown our old space.  We were literally hours away from signing a new lease deal in a nondescript building, replete with florescent lights and elevators, when [...]