Monthly Archives: February 2012

Jeff Gunnarsson

Cancer Treatment with Electric Fields

02.29.2012 by Jeff Gunnarsson

Last October, Bill Doyle of the oncological treatment company Novocure gave a TED lecture on a novel cancer treatment method that his company is developing.  The therapy involves exposing cancer cells to a low-intensity alternating electric field at a few hundred hertz, which disrupts cell division by electrically “tugging” at the cancerous cells’ spindle fibers [...]

Jenny Regan

Key Tech a Best Place to Work

02.01.2012 by Jenny Regan

Brian and Keith and Scott and I founded Key Tech fourteen years ago to do great work with smart and fun people.  Over the years we’ve grown to more than a couple dozen of the smart and fun sort, and we’re very proud of the team we’ve been able to build.  It’s icing on the [...]