Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lei Zong

FIRST Robotics Chesapeake Regional 2011

03.31.2011 by Lei Zong

This year’s competition was deemed “LogoMotion”, where one objective of the game was to hang inflated tubes onto wall-mounted pegs as high as nine feet up.

Chad Schneider

Get Started

03.15.2011 by Chad Schneider

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to get started on something, now is the time. Seth Godin’s new book, “Poke the Box” might give you the push off the branch you need to really fly.

Chad Schneider

Does Key Tech have experience in medical device development?

03.08.2011 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech predominately develops medical devices. About 80% of our work is electro-mechanical medical device development. The majority of the remaining 20% continues to be electro-mechanical hand-held and laboratory instruments, just not in the medical industry.

Chad Schneider

3D Printing Technology

03.01.2011 by Chad Schneider

There are three major rapid prototyping techniques for making plastic parts fast; layer building, low-pressure molding/casting, and machining. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, depending on how you intend to use the part. Let’s start with the various layer-building processes.