Monthly Archives: March 2010

Chad Schneider

What is your experience in developing electromechanical devices?

03.23.2010 by Chad Schneider

Nearly every device we develop is electromechanical. Key Tech specializes in designing custom complex products and electromechanical devices.

Alexis McKenzie

Key Tech’s “Night at the Museum”

03.16.2010 by Alexis McKenzie

The Walters Art Museum here in Baltimore graciously hosted our recent employee spring fling event.  The Walters is internationally renowned for its collection of art, which was amassed substantially by two men, William and Henry Walters, and eventually bequeathed to the City of Baltimore.  The collection presents an overview of world art from pre-dynastic Egypt [...]

Chad Schneider

Happy Pi Day

03.14.2010 by Chad Schneider

One interesting fact about Pi is that it is a non-repeating decimal – it never ends or repeats. How many digits do you know?

Chad Schneider

What are your mechanical and electrical rapid prototyping capabilities?

03.02.2010 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech accomplishes prototyping by leveraging a network of approximately three dozen prototyping vendors, selecting the method and vendor based on the best match to your application. Multiple suppliers keep us current with the state of the art technologies and allow for flexibility and speed in the prototyping process.