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Chad Schneider

The symbiosis of modeling and prototyping

02.23.2010 by Chad Schneider

Prototypes are essential to testing system performance. However, due to the current technological constraints of creating microscale prototypes, compromises in the characteristics of the prototype usually must be made, which can lead to unforeseen, expensive problems on the production line. Fortunately, basic, fundamental models of significant aspects of the system (first-principles modeling) can be “calibrated” through the use of focused CFD models and empirical data. The result is improved models that allow the designer to bridge the knowledge gap between paper and production.

Chad Schneider

On being indispensable

02.15.2010 by Chad Schneider

How have you made yourself indispensible to your boss, your company, your clients? In the business of life, you can consider each a customer. As customers, don’t they deserve your very best work product?

Chad Schneider

Building New (To Me) Technology

02.09.2010 by Chad Schneider

Key Tech’s own Brian Murphy has been known to combine his love of food with his love of tech, bringing in meat cured in his basement and creating new shades of hummus. Recently, though, he earned a mention in the Baltimore City Paper by helping his friend build the tools to create apple cider at home.

Chad Schneider

Happy Groundhog Day!

02.02.2010 by Chad Schneider

If you’ve ever wondered what Punxsutawny Phil is doing down there in his burrow that tells him how long winter will last, we’ve uncovered his secret. Check out our hidden video. Happy Groundhog Day from your friends at Key Tech!