Yearly Archives: 2010

Chris Fleck

The Tech Before Christmas

12.22.2010 by Chris Fleck

On to the internet we went with reckless abandon
From Google we jumped and here’s where we land on

Andy Rogers

Key Tech presents at the Johns Hopkins Medical Device Startup Tool Box Day

12.15.2010 by Andy Rogers

Want to start-up a medical device company? Key Tech attended the Johns Hopkins University’s “Medical Device Start Up Tool Box Day” to explain why having an experienced design engineering partner in your “tool box” is key to your success.

Chad Schneider

Designing Parts for Injection Molding

12.14.2010 by Chad Schneider

As designers, we can improve our injection molded parts to make them perform better and require less expensive tools. Check out this design guide we came across to get you started.

Lei Zong

A Checklist Can Do What?

11.30.2010 by Lei Zong

I recently watched an interesting talk given by Atul Gawande, whose book The Checklist Manifesto has reached the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list this year, talking about some interesting benefits of using a checklist and how such a seemingly insignificant and low tech idea can do wonders in many disparate fields.

Jessica Fisher

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon battery!

11.10.2010 by Jessica Fisher

Inside most kitchens, a lemon leads a normal life, being integrated into a delicious dish or drink. But many science students have found in their classroom experiments that a lemon is no mere fruit.

Lei Zong

Key Tech and University of Maryland Alumni Event

11.02.2010 by Lei Zong

Key Tech recently hosted an alumni and friends networking event for the University of Maryland at our office in Federal Hill. Speakers included Key Tech CEO Jenny Regan, the Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering Dr. Darryll Pines, and the Provost and Interim President of the university Dr. Nariman Favardin.

Chad Schneider

Making it all wireless

10.19.2010 by Chad Schneider

As you’ve probably noticed, wireless products are extremely popular. So, what is the difference between one wireless technology and another? Here’s a really rough breakdown.

Jeremy Savage

Design Snack: The Science of Color

09.28.2010 by Jeremy Savage

By now we have all hopefully heard of the two different color systems: CMYK and RGB. But why are there two? If you had to choose one to use, which would you pick? I could quickly tell you the easy answer, CMYK is used for print and RGB is used for displays, but there is actually a science as to why each system is necessary.

Chris Fleck

The Taming of the Kernel or, If Shakespeare Needed to Cross-Compile Linux

09.23.2010 by Chris Fleck

Sing, o muse, of man and the machine

the trial and err of misguided questing

to bring the works of Linux to new homes.

Dave Hershey

Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)

09.14.2010 by Dave Hershey

What is an embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and how can you best utilize it for your next development project?