Monthly Archives: November 2009

Chad Schneider

Substituting Warnings For Good Design

11.24.2009 by Chad Schneider

Warnings are not a substitute for good design. The warning labels clearly indicate that the supermarket scooters are not meant to be used in the parking lot. But, how are users expected to get their groceries to their cars?

Chad Schneider

Where the sun don’t shine, Haptics may

11.19.2009 by Chad Schneider

Say you want to be a veterinarian. You’ve got to get to know a lot of animals in school, both inside and out. That requires a lot of time in the library, but eventually you have to get your hands dirty and actually touch some animals. Fortunately for the next generation of vet students, the days of putting your hand up a cow’s butt in vet school may be over, thanks to a little area of research known as Haptics.

Jenny Regan

Survey Results: Scouting for New Technologies and Business Partners

11.17.2009 by Jenny Regan

Over the past year or two, Key Tech has taken advantage of improvements in the usability and functionality of online tools to share information quickly and easily. Over the same period, we’ve observed dwindling attendance at industry conferences. So, where is everyone?

Jenny Regan

Multi-Tasking Hurts Your Brain

11.09.2009 by Jenny Regan

New research shows that multi-tasking reduces your productivity and impairs your cognitive ability, permanently.

Chad Schneider

Meeting the Challenges of Micropart Design

11.02.2009 by Chad Schneider

Recently, I published an article in MicroManufacturing Magazine about the challenges of designing microparts for manufacture. Not unlike any collaborative process, good communication is the key to a successful project.