Monthly Archives: August 2009

Josh Mull

Selecting Research Topics with Product Development in Mind

08.31.2009 by Josh Mull

I recently published a short article in the IEEEGOLDrush newsletter (June 2009, p. 15) about what differentiates successful projects from those that struggle for attention. The defining characteristic is market need.

Abbie Shoemaker

Selecting a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

08.24.2009 by Abbie Shoemaker

Selecting the right LCD for your product is not a trivial task. The display is often the most important part of the user interface and has a significant influence on the overall appearance and feel of the device.

Chad Schneider

Problem Solving Tip: Evaluate Your Assumptions

08.17.2009 by Chad Schneider

You’ve been in this situation before. The output from your test set up or analytical model is garbage. You’ve looked at all the inputs and they appear to be ok. So…what do you do now?

Chad Schneider

Problem Solving Tip: Isolate the Variables

08.10.2009 by Chad Schneider

When you’re trying to solve a problem, it’s easy to just attack it with a bunch of ideas and hope something sticks. This might even work, but which idea was the real winner?

Chad Schneider

Loving your job

08.03.2009 by Chad Schneider

No matter your favorite pastime or your career ambitions, there is a perfect job out there for you. You can do something you love and work with people as motivated and excited as yourself.