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Chad Schneider

Rapid Prototyping on the Micro-Scale

06.26.2009 by Chad Schneider

I was recently interviewed for an article regarding the state of rapid prototyping as it pertains to micro-scale manufacturing and product development. From what I’ve seen, the prototyping processes are just not down to the micro-scale, yet. Granted, the micromanufacturing industry is still pretty young, and it’s been growing so quickly in size and capabilities that I expect to see more rapid prototyping solutions soon.

Chad Schneider

The Detailed Product Specification

06.15.2009 by Chad Schneider

Ok, it’s time to get a little technical (very little). We’ve talked to a lot of companies with award-winning products, great ideas, and good sense, but when we try to nail down some of the details, they get a little flustered. Although the constant questions can be a bit annoying, working out the details can be very valuable. That’s why our first step is to flesh out the Product Specification.

Chad Schneider

Using Critically-Dimensioned Drawings

06.08.2009 by Chad Schneider

By now, most mechanical design engineers are used to sending off a solid model and having plastic parts show up in less than a week. While this technique is perfectly suitable and cost-effective for rapid prototyping, it doesn’t quite make the grade for production.

Catherine Colwell

Reflections of an Intern

06.01.2009 by Catherine Colwell

What is it like to be an intern at Key Tech? Catherine looks back on her experience as part of the ME’s.