Monthly Archives: April 2009

Chad Schneider

The State of MicroManufacturing – 2009

04.27.2009 by Chad Schneider

At Key Tech, we’ve been designing micro-scale parts for some time, but finding vendors capable of manufacturing such parts has been difficult. I went to the SME MicroManufacturing conference to better understand the state of the entire micromanufacturing industry as well as identify vendors with specialized capabilities. I think the conference was a success on both counts.

Josh Mull

Happy Earth Day from Key Tech

04.22.2009 by Josh Mull

When environmental compliance is a design goal early in the development process, these and many other opportunities exist to create innovative products with green footprints. On this Earth Day, consider how your next product could be made more environmentally sound with some green design principles.

Chad Schneider

You can’t please everyone (and why you shouldn’t try)

04.20.2009 by Chad Schneider

If you try to create a product that everybody will want, you may end up with something nobody will want.

Andy Rogers

What's Next for Electronic Medical Devices?

04.13.2009 by Andy Rogers

Further advances in microfluidics technology development will educe the most profound breakthroughs in medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices — and ultimately improve patient care.

Ben Lane

How to Avoid Common Obstacles in NPD

04.06.2009 by Ben Lane

There are many ways to lose focus developing a new product, especially with so many people involved and so much at stake. By taking a disciplined approach, one can avoid many of the common pitfalls that cost money and cause delays.