Monthly Archives: March 2009

Chad Schneider

More Ways to Conserve Capital in NPD

03.30.2009 by Chad Schneider

The economy has many businesses against the ropes, and the rest are tightening their belts in the face of uncertainty. However, you don’t need to completely halt your new product development (NPD) efforts. Here are five ways to spend less while keeping your pipeline moving.

Brian Lipford

Open Innovation – Co-dev Conference 2009

03.23.2009 by Brian Lipford

Although not a new idea, Open Innovation is creating buzz among the bigger players as a way to be more fast and flexible developing new products. Go and find the best-in-class partners and start creating that world-class product. Take care, prepare, and make sure everyone has some skin in the game.

Josh Mull

3/14 – Happy Pi Day!

03.14.2009 by Josh Mull

Geeks and Greeks rejoice – March 14th is Pi Day (3.14) – a day to celebrate the mathematical constant that seems to find it’s way into all things geometric. If you’re so inclined, you can learn a bit more about Pi (the constant), rent a copy of Pi (the movie), read Life of Pi (the book), or even eat an Apple Pie (the food).