Monthly Archives: February 2009

Ben Lane

Reducing Risk in New Product Development

02.27.2009 by Ben Lane

Early stage gates in the pipeline should examine risk – technical risk, market risk, manufacturing risk, regulatory risk, supply chain risk, etc. A well managed pipeline has procedures in place to identify areas of risk and prioritize the risk for further assessment and evaluation. The process of assessing and addressing risk is an excellent, cost effective means of advancing the product pipeline in lean times.

Chad Schneider

What is RSS and why should I use it?

by Chad Schneider

The volume of content available on the internet is growing so fast it is overwhelming. How does anyone keep up? As an alternative to email, RSS is a useful tool to help you keep up with the content you care about while reducing the time you need to do so.

Key Tech

Hello, World!

02.18.2009 by Key Tech

Greetings from Key Tech. We’re happy to announce the addition of some new features to our website to make it more interactive and to provide you with more information about us (maybe more than you ever wanted to know).