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Karen White [Accountess]

Karen is a Certified Public Accountant and oversees all of the accounting functions at Key Tech by preparing federal and state returns, generating financial statements, reconciling bank statements, and providing software training and support. She is proficient in Quickbooks software and has a sound knowledge of Excel and Word. 

She received an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Anne Arundel Community College and a BS degree in Business from the University of Baltimore.

I Spend Way Too Much Money On: Nothing... I try not to spend way too much money

Pet Peeve: Clutter

Favorite Catchphrase: To Infinity and Beyond!

Favorite Breakfast Food: French toast with bacon

Most Used App: Is texting an app?

Relationship With The Alarm Clock: I'm usually awake before the alarm

Don't Ask Me About: Football

Superhero Power: Crunching numbers