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LinkedInJenny Regan [CEO, President]

Jenny is a co-founder of Key Tech. She has consulted to clients in the medical, industrial, and energy industries. Her work has contributed to the advancement of precision diagnostic instruments, fluid flow measurement, and control systems. 

Jenny holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Catholic University and a BS in Physics from Georgetown University. She is also a registered professional engineer and is active on the Boards of the RMI of Maryland, Baltimore’s ETC, and the UMCP Clark School’s Women in Engineering.

Favorite Breakfast Food: "eggs in the hole"

Don't Ask Me About: Why my laptop, wireless router and car computer are on the fritz more than anyone else's...

Most Used App: TED Mobile

Superhero Power: I occasionally read minds. Beware

I Spend Way Too Much Money On: Car insurance. Yes, I live with teens

Pet Peeve: Wet towels on the floor. Yes, I live with teens

Relationship With The Alarm Clock:
On again, off again

Favorite Catchphrase: Peace begins with a smile