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Frank Regan [Mechanical Engineer]

Frank joined Key Tech in order to aid in improving designs with his passion for fluid dynamics, sustainability, and solving complex mechanical problems in simple creative ways.  His curiosity in all things mechanical has made him an avid tinkerer.  He is not related to Jenny, no matter how much she might try to convince you.  Frank received a BS in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

I Spend Way Too Much Money On: Engineering Courses & Traveling

Don't Ask Me About: Why my mustache is so fabulous, or my knitting obsession

Pet Peeve: Procrastination

Favorite Catchphrase: Bad news bears


Most Used App: N/A I have a dumb phone

Superhero Power: Uncanny ability to break it down. Don't look into the dance children, you might go blind

Favorite Breakfast Food: Egg and Cheese with ketchup, salt and pepper from Steve's Lunch

Relationship With The Alarm Clock: Clocky and I are not friends