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Debbie Snyder [Office Manager]

Debbie manages the daily operations of the office and is a member of the accounting team. Her administrative background and organizational skills have proven invaluable to Key Tech. Debbie came to Key Tech after working for 18 years in the Management Information System Division of the Baltimore City Police Department, so she is not intimidated by engineers with calculators.

I Spend Way Too Much Money On: Nothing really. I tend to be pretty frugal!

Favorite catchphrase: Keep moving forward!

Superhero Power: The power to become invisible

Don't Ask Me About: Anything, unless you're prepared to hear my opinion


Favorite Breakfast Food: French toast

Most Used App: Siri

Pet Peeve: What, I only get one choice? #1 DWD (driving while distracted)

Relationship With The Alarm Clock: None! My internal clock works just fine!